Jacked coin prices?

Is everyone seeing the same?

On Android devices in Australia, prices have been

$142.99 for 8250 coins
$42.99 for 2300 coins

When offers come up, prices would drop to

$129.99 for 10050 coins
$38.99 for 2800 coins (or close to these numbers)

Now, this newest offer released has prices up to

Why has there been such a large increase? Big coin offers are now $30AU more for less coins. Granted you get fire tokens, but that will all be trainers so I don’t see the value.

Have I missed an official statement anywhere about why prices would be changing so much?


You may not see the value, but $cop3ly sees the inside of your wallet


Coz USD is shit house as normal?

Ah right I didn’t think of exchange rate… But it’s been stable prices since as long as I can remember ( been playing for over 3 years) I just find this surprising and also a deterrent to spending further.

Its the fire tokens, they over value everything, they sell freaking sand paper for over 900 coins…

When I played, 8250 coin pack was always $159.99 in NSW, no matter the exchange rate. Then again, I was playing on iPhone, didn’t think Play Store and iTunes had different prices for in app purchases

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i’m an Aussie and prices always are dearer here !

Yeah I have an account on my iPad as well as the price was always that, but Android was significantly cheaper. I guess they now have parity

Crap isn’t it?

If I remember correctly it’s not the game that sets the prices. It’s who you purchase through. i.e. apple, google, amazon. IMO Amazon gives the best value for money.

Got to make back their lost revenue from skullgate somehow.

And maybe the two currencies have moved against each other? Idk.

Developer sets the prices.

The distrubtors get a % cut. I’m pretty sure Amazon takes the least, though the amazon devices actually run on a modified android operating system.

Very perplexing how it all works.


I knew it was something like that. I just know Amazon charges £75 for what Google Play charges £95 for. And that £95 and $95 gets you the same amount of coins. :roll_eyes:


But all the euros, pounds, shillings, roubles and rupees are set by Google/Apple/Amazon outside of the US I believe. So a price rise outside the US might not be Scopley’s fault


Well yes. That’s typical currency exchange, taxes, yada yada stuffs.

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But not just the exchange, they jack up the profit margins too.

For example, we often get £ prices equivalent to the $, despite the vastly superior purchase power of £1 compared to $1.

Good thing they do it by country and not regionally in the us or my prices would be cray cray

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Prices are same for me but seriously false advertising by saying 100 percent extra value. That would be 16,400 coins. Not these garbage fire tokens.

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