I've run out of shit to level

Literally, @JB.Scopely, @GR.Scopely @ForumAdmin

Guys, I wanted to help my faction (or at least pretend to lead by example since I happen to be the one constantly patching up for retirees and trying to keep the spirits up) so I ascended a couple of toons nd maxed them. And just realised that’s it. I’ve nothing left that’s even remotely worth levelling. not that last 2 were but I convinced myself I will use sawyer and 2nd donny at some point… whats next? I can’t level 2500 seashells I pulled today.


spending is not being considered

Piper :slight_smile:… war tokens… five star tokens?

But seriously, JB said to expect the same legacy pace so I wouldn’t expect one for another two months.


basic tokens, level those 1 star

Idc. I’m not liking the format. So much shady shyt going to happen in these regions. Just wait for it to actually start… drama.

Lol. I would love that. Forums would be :fire::fire::fire::fire:

can’t, just can not. I hate myself for doing sr flee 500 or so times. then I realised my time was worth more than this. 1100 raids, no, thank you even with friendly c team waiting to be exploited. if these milestones were real I’d be happy to complete them whilst raiding ppl in faction event. 4000 points would be reasonable.

when it comes to toons, rickysmartman, you levelling piper yet? war tokens, that’s done. 5* tokens, well we’re getting shells and shit now instead.

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I just suck it up and level useless toons. It’s what I do to help my faction. I hate wasting the gear on them, but I can always get more.

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I would, have t4 level 60 carolines, petes and shit. I’m telling you man, I stopped spending and I ran out. simple as that

I saw this coming as soon as it was announced… no 5* tokens for a month, means no new toons to keep up with level up milestones. I’m not out yet, trying to be careful, but im fast getting there. The 200 beach balls i pulled are a joke…

Tbh i really do believe this is intentional. Another way to kill off f2p.

One thing i am doing to slow the progression to running out, is ascending 4* to get the 5* i need for level up. Maybe that can help you a little too. Raid a lot too. Get your league milestones and there’s a few easy to get 5* too. Good luck to ya

And now 5* tokens have dried up for this other event with shells and beachballs. Really sucks to not have anything to work on, I’ve been there. All you can really do is work on the bars.

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