I've gotten more doubles since it "got fixed"


So before the “fix” I had only gotten three doubles (yellow Tyrese and Yellow Sophia, and red Caroline) that I didn’t intentionally get (i.e. Andrea).

Since the “fix” I’ve gotten doubles of Green OG Zeke, green Kenny, Blue Kenny, Green Larry, 2 additional yellow Joshua, 2 Miraboobs (had 0 before), 2 red Clem’s, 2 Coopers (had 0 prior), 2 red Timothy’s (0 before), 2 red Magna (had 0 before) and some others that I can’t remember since I used them for ascension. Anyone else think this “fix” hasn’t helped?


3 of my last 5 pulls from the 5 star token wheel have been revive abe.


It does seem that their “fix” was to create more doubles.


Dupes are good, ascension fodder leaving you a copy of the base toon in case it turns into the best 6* ever!.


Please keep in mind that the “duplicate fix” was only to reduce chances of pulling duplicate toons on multi premier pulls. Basically less chance of a dupe on a 10 pull / 45 pull.


Not really. It’s the same regardless of whether you do 40 1 pulls, 4 10 pulls, or 1 40 pull. Duplicate reduction doesn’t affect ascension as well.


Thats not how I remember dash explaining it. I may be wrong, but I don’t think it was a flat out dupe reduction.


I had it confirmed that what you said was pretty much a misinterpretation. It shouldn’t be a flat out dupe reduction, but the system likely applies those reduction immediately upon doing the pulls. Meaning if you do 10 pulls, it still factors which character gets pulled in order regardless of how many you do at once.


Can you share this confirmation with the rest of the class?


I’ll see if I can find the thread tomorrow, but pretty much many people misinterpreted the phrasing that duplicate reduction does not factor in the roster. Many thought it meant that it doesn’t factor in any of the characters in the roster at any given time, even after the revamp. What I interpreted and had it confirmed was that it didn’t factor in characters earned prior to the revamp, as well as characters earned via non-pull methods.

Edit: Actually, didn’t take long to find. I thought we were going to stop getting duplicates all the time


by the way, these are ALL from 5* token pulls. Not from the event wheel, or promo wheel, or elite character tokens. Just anted to clarify that.


I just laugh it off but ya I have got more dupes myself and faction members too.


Yep, duplicate He-Man Tyreese is my new friend, and that shitty 5* Token Michonne farmer