Ivanova next promo

In my opinion of your melee user and you hsve a few coins go for her
She’s not op because shes green trait wepons on that department are meh usually
But considering she does a 3 enime impair and gives herself and some others crit as a g2 at 58ap she could be a major pain and a major utility being able to roll out gaurdian sheilds like a newspaper round
What I think makes her know is she’s recover stun the only other toons to do this is josh and mira and the fact she’s a wife tank utility type. Of toon is definitely on her favour
She’s basically a better beta and kal and in some ways slightlly better than zeke
But there my thoughts what are yours

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Not really that useful on defence or attack, more of a SR toon than anything. Will still be killed by red teams before she can pop her AR anyway, a custom weapon too means more armoury RNG to deal with. I’d give her a miss personally

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You miss one thing here and it’s recover stun. It’s valuable. An attack team with ivanova and ezekiel is invulnarable against impair and stun if played well. On top of it they will both put shields on your team. It will be good on defense too i guess

Except if she’s stunned then the skill is redundant, the best attack team doesn’t have a single melee toon in it. Two blue Michonnes on attack will beat anything. She’s a niche toon at best really, Zeke is just as good on defence and he’s a freebie!

and still some teams are easier to beat with a melee team.

Not if you’ve used Michonne lol, made any team a piece of cake on auto

oh yes, Im sure she does, but dont have her

I would recommend to pass her. I know people will pull because of her 58ap, but she doesn’t bring that to the team.
Got to remember she has a fixed weapon and you got to decide if you want to give her crit. So that she can proc the shield more often or if you want to tank her. Either way you’d have to modify the third slot into something more useful then attack down.
She’s okay at best, I would say she’s more geared towards offence.
Recover stun is a bonus, but being green the specials you can put on her weapon won’t discourage people from going after her and stunning or taking her out to prevent her from using her skill. Joshua can be equipped with a abs. defence weapon and Mirabelle with a stun gun.
She’s more of a character to those that like using melee on attack against Erika teams. She would help out cleansing those stuns.
Got to keep in mind that fixed weapon. If she was a freebie, I’d say get her. Since she’s most likely going to be a Premier Recruit, I’d say pass it and wait for something better.

My only issue with her is that stupid weapon she is carrying. No crit on a guardian and atk down?

For me,
Optimal build would 30 crit, huge ap atk, stun atk. Anything less then a perfect build would severely limit her utilage.

Crap weapon ruins a otherwise well balanced character.

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She looks rather unimpressive. Running double guardians on defense isn’t the best idea. And she doesn’t hit hard enough on attack.

zekes by far a better guardian toon and was free. him and ivanova on defense will only give 2 shoots at crit’ing for 2 shields. even if both crit only 2 shields apply, not 4(unless changed in last update)


I think her weapon can be switched, just like with Dwight.
Her weapon does not have the special weapon symbol on it and its glowing independently from the character model.

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If her weapon was not a locked one i would go for her. But any toon with locked weapon is crap for me.

Got Aris, still no AB def on her after many tries (and i got 3 ab def weapon’s that i cannot put on her because her weapon is locked).

If her weapon can be changed, then she is a good toon

No thx Zeke does everything she does except recover stun

That’s not fixed lol
I think that’s say here’s the wepon promo as well
All you have to do isc litteraly add stun ot ap down to zekes cane bud

You are taking the leak from VK as the final product. It’s always subject to change.
Koa was leaked having parting shot as his specialist skill.

It would be a first time that Scopely released a character without a fixed weapon holding a weapon on a roadmap.

Let’s wait for her to be on the ascension tower to take our conclusions. Even without that weapon, I maintain what I said.

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Nope im acknolging the icon isn’t there
Of it was a special weapon a mini icon would be on the wepon and the wepon would also say defaulted to ivanova
Which it does not

This may help explain
Note how yumikio bow a special wepon is defaulted to her

Got it. Didn’t see it.
Well, let’s wait for the final version. For all we know could be another goof from Scopes.

She’s like a beta sequel to me, and beta is probably the worst legendary in the game. Her attack is weak, her weapon is locked, and the game is already overloaded with strong toons. I’m expecting scopely to lose a lot of money on this character, maybe it will force them to put erika back in premiere recruits again to shore up some cash

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