Ivanova lost her weapon?


Is it just me that though Ivanova had a special weapon with Atk down?


Probably a visual bug. Shes good enough without a weapon.


The road map version had a crappy special weapon. She is better… Much better… Without


My guess is it’s going to be a separate promo weapon, and they just included it in the roadmap. They do that sometimes


The roadmap version weapon never had the special weapon icon


I never noticed it tbh but when I looked at it. She never keeps the weapon they faced it to her in the roadmap just for the weapon promo


Managed to snag a couple shots when i saw it


Never paid attention to that symbol before so made some incorrect assumptions based on road map. Good to know. Will look out for it with future premiers.


Awesome looking weapon.

Will be sold later.
Or hopefully added to weapon token wheel with a update.
Love new weapons.


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