Iugo when opening up territories

Maybe you should open up all, so that factions not in the top 3 can get whatever crap stuff you’d put into the ones they wouldn’t want?
I don’t know maybe so territory events aren’t as lame as everyday territories?


I agree that during events, ALL the territories ought to be opened up, and factions can only hold a max of 1 event territory. That would get people scrambling big time.


I agree even though I’m in top faction in my region and benefiting from the way it is now.

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I don’t know we want to ask to much with limited capabilities they show doing simple events.

Just make multiple territories “expire” at the same time. Otherwise the top faction just holds one until it expires then hops to the next. Others still get burts but no Lilith/Ulysses/benedict.

Surprise huh… Now the big Q is if this was really so hard to understand or if it is actually the scopely META for monetizing.