Iugo what's does it really take

It has now been 5 weeks (MAYBE LONGER) and few days but I’ve yet to drop 1 level!
Like the instruction say if you do not complete in 6 days you will lose a level, this is not the case though!
I’ve tried not opening for a week, I’ve tried opening but not doing anything for a week, I’ve tried doing a few but not completing, and lastly I’ve tried starting the first stage and losing! One is for sure though I will not drop a level if not completing in the time frame given. Please remove the false statement on game or fix it so that I drop levels like it says!
Should be easy, RIGHT?

That’s why I tried that because I read that as well. Nothing is working though.

I know but maybe next year when they come back they’ll see it and I can pay about it being 6 weeks and not dropping a level. :neutral_face::expressionless::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Here is the first time I asked it

Also one more thing the popup always says 6 days it never had said 5 4 3 so on! So it’s definitely a bug!



No iugo, skybound, or Scopely?

You have to actually attempt and fail to complete the whole “road” of the day 7 times to drop a level. Dunno if they need to be consecutive, just complete the first level and tomorrow it’ll say 6 rather than 7.

No this does not work I’ve tried this suggestion already.