IUGO vs Scopely, who's the real evil?


I’ve been wondering a lot about what role IUGO has in this game. They’ve been silent a lot and now we see some people from IUGO here on the forum. Are they the developers of the game and did scopley publish it? Can you elaborate on their involvement in the game. Just curious to know if scopley is really the sole evil in this all lol


Just to clarify with evil I mean, the bastards who pretend to listen to us but take the word of a program that runs an algorithm to determine what we need and when we need it disregarding our pleas and also keeps bombarding us with solo level ups we can’t prepare for with ever increasing milestones and creators of horrible offers which spam my screen worse than banner ads etc, you know


I say fuck em both.


Scopely makes all the calls. They just hire IUGO to do the programming.

That is how I understand it.

I think IUGO has been awesome since they appread on the forums. Infinitely better than Scopely. They are solving bugs, communicating with players, and it feels like they actually care about their product.

Scopes on the other hand…


Scopely does not hire iugo. Iugo started this game way back in Australia I believe, Scopely got wind of it offered to link them with skybound and come up with a way to maximize profit, also get the game to the masses. Scopely is why we have tapjoy the first few months it was a way better company, they are also why we have the crappy offers. Scopely is why the game is focused on money making and not player\user first. My guess would be that iugo got the money and ran.
If Scopely ran iugo why do they not sponsor\release iugos many other games?

Scopely is just a middle man they are not like ea or other game companies they do not want that cost to support and develope games! As I’ve said before read Scopelys business mission follow the money by reading business article’s!
Here’s one to get started- https://www.cnbc.com/2016/03/08/scopley-aims-to-build-new-kind-of-mobile-game-business.html


So was this game still about the walking dead comics before scopely got involved?


It was a zombie killing game yes


But was it related to Kirkman?


No and it only had a few world stages to play, storyline and raiding wasn’t part of it yet, if I remember correctly.


Not sure what you two are on about. Scopely has been tied to this game since the beginning. I started playing 2 days after its release.


I don’t think so but that was long times ago. Scopely at the very least did not have their name on it till later and skybound was not added to late either. I remember when the new about screen was added with the three brands on it. The start it was iugo and I believe fyber


Back at the start it was released in April only to people in Australia this is when I started playing, only reason I got it that early I was using a VPN service that said I was there. Scopely got involved around June\July, August mid month was when it went global.

This is one of the oldest stories I could find about it. >>
Forgot to add this is a review before Scopely got involved


Scopely on their own web page says they did not get invited till August



IUGO are the developers and got Scopely on board to monetise the game.


Revolution growth, Greenspring, Sands Capital Ventures, Cross Creek Advisors and Pritzker Group Venture Capital are the investors and altogether put 60 mil in

Maybe they know how to listen better to complaints after all investors are usually very intrested in the performance of there’s investments and wouldn’t probably be intrested in the suggestions on this forum.

Maybe they will understand how to help manage their investment and how to teach scopely how to actually look after their customers.