Iugo revenge bug


When doing a revenge now if another player has attacked more then 1 faction member they all get cleared and say raided. Were as before if 1 person raided multiple faction members you could revenge later after the raider shield timer ran out.

To replicate it this is what I do.
I always scroll to the bottom of faction activity to revenge
Then start clicking the revenge tab
If I can revenge I’ll attack
After I win or lose every single other above by that attacker turns from the revenge tab to the raided icon.

Was this intended since we now get rewards for faction revenge’s or is it a bug?

Also while your at it could I get my green dude? Hours before the event ended it showed I’d get the 5* but he never came.


Popping to the top so it hopefully gets looked at or answered.


It’s been around as long as I can remember, it doesn’t happen to me all the time but it’s quite often. It is annoying though.


This is how it always worked. There was a bug one time where people who were in Beta WERE NOT getting the shield after getting hit in a revenge.


What he described is not how it’s always worked, 5 faction mates raided = 5 separate revenge opportunities, he’s not talking about shields.


Sometimes yes sometimes no. :thinking: It’s definitly a bug.


Has always worked that way for me. If you get raided, you get shielded for 2+ hours. Therefore blocking you from other revenges. I have never been raided 5 consecutive times from one faction, let alone one player from said faction


I’m not talking about myself being raided. I’m talking about faction players being raided and revenge’s. When you go to Faction>Activity>Filter- Revenge. Then you revenge a faction player and if you beat or lose against the attacker any other faction player that was attacked by the attacker is turned to raided.
It used to be the original faction player would turn to Avenged and all other faction people would still say Revenge but you could not revenge until after the attackers shield went away.


This is a Scopley forum not Iugo :thinking:


I’ve had many conversations with the Creator’s of the game here, iugo does the game Scopely does the money. Iugo have no other way of contacting, so they use scopelys forum.

Any ways I came to say thank you for fixing it today, iugo very much appreciate it. Tell Scopely you’re owed a couple pancakes!

Now if you could tone down my luck with the super secret RNG, nobody is in any more awe than me at how good it is to get 10 repeats in a row of characters. But I think I can pass that super RNG onto someone else and be fine with getting random characters. My Amy’s of Axel’s, Mitch and others would like to partners like 3*Carl from basic rewards.

Keep up the good work iugo


Yeah but Iugo actually makes the game. Scopely is just the money grubbing Corp that oversees taking all the money from the players and sucking everything that was once fun out of the game.


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