It's time to update the mod system

Been thinking about mods lately. I have an absolutely ridiculous huge pile of bronze and silver mods and hey don’t get used because I also have plenty of gold mods.

Since these lower level mods are pretty obsolete why not make a conversion system where x bronze mods level to silver and likewise x silver become x gold, etc.

I don’t really care if the mod keeps being RNG for it’s boost, but with the relatively low scrap cap most of mods are just wasting space on your servers.

Also remove the scrap cap entirely, k thx byeeee


The mod cap is unnecessary, well maybe have it at 500 k or 1 Mil something like that, or perhaps maybe now that we have Platinum mods, and Paragon mods, ( because this will become a thing) that Bronze mods should be quietly retired form the game.

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I keep the bronze and silver mod boxes in my general inventory until I need scrap. At that point, I open them and then sell them.


Nobody needs a million mods in their inventory :joy:


And the crafting system

Leveling mods should not return you to the top of the list. I’m almost done again with my stat mods, so now after every mod I upgrade there’s a ton of pointless scrolling.


I think the scrap limit was being referred to :smiley:

Seriously, 180k is pretty useless and should be 300k at the very least, but also the daily exchange could be upped.

An option to exchange scrap to a random mod would be also welcome (say 50k scrap for a random gold mod, 100k scrap for a specific set / or specific slot mod and 150k for a specific set/slot mod, triple scrap cost for platinum)

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