It's Time to Stop


Can we all just stop complaining at scopley.As of late they are doing a great job…mostly…But it’s an improved.Also to everyone who lost their account…You could maybe secure your account a bit better…But that’s for another topic.Lets all just stop complaining at them…

(Won’t ever happen)


How about no?


Understandable,Have a nice day


Thanks! You too :grimacing:


Watch scopley pin this thread lol



Stop complaining that them. Yeah you know what you’re talking about.



You can’t be pined if your banned from everywhere!


Yes but scoply do what they shuld do when game started…(not making p2p mechanics and focusing on game and players not money)


More like it’s time to stop defending them.


Im not defending them.They banned me after playing for 3 years.Just saying that they are doing a better job as of late and maybe we shoud not complain as much.


Do you know what an opinion is? You just made one.


Hey @SteveSmooky1 how you been buddy?


If they get me my account back, I’ll be happy with them.


Scopley - Gives everyone p2p toons in the 3 year token wheel everyone’s is hyped
Player- I pulled a Zeke “I hate scopley”
"I’m going to complain because I have bad luck "


U want free P2P toons? Here take a Wyatt and a Vincent and throw in a lucas


The Anniversary event is a relatively massive step up from Lucky Tokens. And seeing Andrea as the first leader who benefits an entire weapon group with not only an attack boost (which is a first) but also attacking AP bonus. And Leagues looks good, provided you are probably in the Platinum-Gold tier. Scopely gets +3 respect. But it’s still a long way to go to win over some of the remaining players who have a slight hatred.


Who told you who the next three toons that will be given out for level ups? :wink:


Some salty people that think all toon she all trash :joy:


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