Its time to reinvent WAR!


Towers not available for players over the weekend it brought some positives and negatives that came from the players. Ill leave that portion of negative and positive comments in the threads that are made over it but I just want to suggest that what I find that needs to happen over it is a change on how factions war.

Remove towers from the game completely and give the power with a twist by giving factions vehicles. That’s right VEHICLES!

Factions can build a tank, armored pickup truck with machine gun, helicopter(would not grant any flying advantages its just a different skin option), armored RV(maybe the rv from walking dead), and tractor trailers. Before war players of factions can buy or earn parts to make a specific vehicle depending what they like. These vehicles will be pretty much like faction assault fighting negan tank but you won’t have a components to fight just teams that are protecting the components. The vehicle itself won’t be used agasint anyone its just there to give players that sign up to war with there faction a boost advantage much like generals and towers give but instead of trying to beat a timer the benefit of what you get from the vehicle is already there for you all you have to do is defend with your team. Each camp will protect a bonus to ap when attacking while another camp will protect a bonus to defense while another camp protects attack and another protects hp.

More options for vehicles can have resist mods like stun , confuse, impair, taunt. Can have special rushes that happen only in one turn and that’s it like bonus hp, 50% bonus ap, 50% heal over time(after the opponent turn), recover all penalties(after the opponent turn). Can give specialist skills you normally would not have like decap, indomitable, neutralize, cutthroat, no human shields. The list can differ with each different vehicle option available.

I feel like imo this would bring a controlled even chance to have advantage for your faction with out having to ghost towers because their is none or beat a timer to get a tower and repeat. Just make your own adavantages which I think would be fun. Thoughts?


Not a bad idea but imo since we have people both for and against towers, they should make some wars with towers, and some without. Or even better, have your faction choose if they want towers or not, and then match them up with others that want the same thing they want (towers enabled with towers enabled, and no towers with no towers).


Thanks for the input. Judging by the dead silence ill mark this thread as a fail lol.


I like the idea. Maybe though you have to attack towers to get the last component or something that combats the enemy vehicle and each tower has it for a different vehicle. If it is the vehicle you have you get a bigger boost for your vehicle but if it isnt you get the combat component (rocket launcher for against helicopters). Each team can only hold one tower so the choice is further boost your vehicle or have more power against theirs. If you have the same vehicle then it’s still a tower race… idk just thinking of a way to incorporate both :wink:


Nothing wrong with that I like it. It just feel likes ever since Scopely took away war for that long period of time before six stars and brought it back they totally screwed how to balance towers that its just out of order to continue with them.


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