Its time JB!(plese?)

Show us season 2 leage store characters stats!


No, wait
Stop complaining

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Wait for the surprise! Stop demanding everything

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yeah cant wait for those amazing leaders. Again xD

Hopefully they don’t have lead skills they probably won’t suck as bad as season 1did then


Give Tara Disarming and Camila Revive and it would go a long way with everybody.

So Scopely wouldn’t even dream of doing it.


I can get behind that don’t really want another blue disarm tho

Me either; my only disarm is Michonne. But I would certainly take what I can get

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Same it’s better than nothing

A decap would be nice…

Just make it a shield with low defense so the new yellow can smash it =[)

we want a disarm, revive , decap, shield with low def :+1:


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