It's time for some Diego love!

Hello Lovers & Friends!


I do have some cool news to share! For those who want to get their hands on Diego, now is a great time! Diego will be in the museum for 50 comics as an option to purchase between him or Harrison.

The other cool part of this is that in the next War Wheel, Diego will be the featured toon!

So, if you have the comics ready, you’ll be able to snag this desired Strong and Tough Atk lead early. For those that don’t, I wish you luck in obtaining him via the wheel!


Seriously? Awesome


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This is the offical leak :slight_smile:


The harrison collection doesnt end til 5th of nov. But I may or may not get sc. I got 15 comics. Im trynna get sc to use comics to max out andrea.

You got the tough,alert and fast toon in the war wheel.

Great news @Brucey awesome heads up, big pat on the back to PC🤗

It looks like Harrison will be extended as well.

100 comics for 250 cakes is a rip off anyway we can get more items for our comics? What about the players who have these toons already?

Most will be happy with the Fast toon. She will come in handy in all aspects for attack teams.

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Are the leaks out on vk?


What is war wheel featured toon? He will be on the war wheel?

I mean, this has nothing to do with the Museum offer stated above. So, I can’t give you any answers to that.

In other words, the “more desired” toon in the wheel to put it. Think of it as a promo for Diego with other 6* toons in the wheel.

Steaming hot piles of :poop: then…

Ok. Thanks. :+1:

Diego is the featured toon on the new war wheel? He’s been in the wheel in the past. I don’t seen an improvement.

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You will take your fast Barker, and you’ll like it!

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thanks for the info! any other toons besides diego being added to a museum collection?

He’s also one of the most requested toons and is a great attack lead that benefits a lot of teams out there. I personally think this is great for everyone that has wanted him for the longest time.

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