It's time for more team slots


It’s been put off long enough. Many players I’m sure would welcome a boost to the amount of teams we can make or even better to keep the 25 now and make tabs we can make for separate game modes each allowing 25 teams. Simply there are to many charcters and many times I just dont even bother rearranging my lineups.

Areas that could benefit…

  1. Survival road. This tournament has become so redundant and boring. You have not updated it since 5 stars were the meta so now it’s just a hack and slash grind with no real threat. The longest and most annoying part of this tournament is constantly having to rearrange your teams over and over again to essentially make the same dozen teams. It’s own tab with 25 teams would make a lot of players happy. Everything game wise is a time sink so this could save a lot of effort

  2. Wars. Dedicated war teams slots would be great. I would enjoy making many varieties of teams that I wouldn’t have to destroy my entire team list to create just for a weekend. Even attack teams I would enjoy having slight variety in the same team for certain situations and not have to go change it everytime. Even having the same team with different weapons would save time.

  3. Territories. Now this is the one that made me decide to even write this post. Since you added in league points for attacks territories has been extremely volatile lately. Every hour they are changing hands on busy servers and my entire roster is now incapacitated from the constant battle and random attacks people fire off just to use energy. At 18hrs for revive I can see this becoming very taxing in the long term. I almost would like to demand 25 dedicated team slots just for this mode since you decided to make it so Important now.

Basis is 25 teams just isnt fulfilling the needs of your player base anymore and if scopely slightly cares about us and our time they would figure out a way to add this in. Wishful thinking but here’s hoping jb skims it for ideas. Anything anybody else want to add I forgot?


Arriving soon. New incoming team slots available at 500 gold each. With a monthly renewal at 250 gold! What a deal!


We don’t need more team slots! 25 is so many, they need to focus on other aspects of the game before adding in more features we dont need


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