It's time for a torch road map

I honestly think by now we should have a torch road map on the weekly basis, we already have armory, ascendbles, gears tokens road maps and etc , the only one missing is the Torches road map!!.
In average of 5 events in the week we can only collect a small quantity of torches via milestones and even if you collect everything available in this week frame it’s not really enough to play two runs on the 130 cards crate mission.
We all know those collections in museum can take a eternity to finish and a lot of older toons collection way to get cards is now from this road map since they are rewarding newer toons cards a old collection now can take twice as long to complete.
Now in my opinion the new Sclass map update only improvement is the fact that now we have two different choice of free crates, its really great but that’s is! If I can only play the 130 cards map once or twice a week doesn’t really matter the fact of having multiple missions to play…we need more torches or drop the amount needed per stage, so we can play at least 3 times a week a 130 cards map.
A torch map rewarding like 300 torches a week it’s reasonable, make it in 3 missions or any other format better suitable but make it one please.
#Torch that road map


Mod scrap map return too. pwetty pwease


I second this, also an increase in older toons cards

Umm, 300 torches a week might be too much. I’d say that in Scopely’s eyes, a torch map should be a 3-5 stage map totalling at 50+ energy cost that would reward a torch RNG bag upon completion with maybe a single Burt or Brady as stage rewards besides some pittance of elite/5*/gear tokens

Otherwise there would be no point for them selling those RNG bags…

pwease sempai UwU i nweed eet

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I’d like a torch map, but even more I’d like more torches (or a reduction in torches required for current maps). Only being able to run the daily 30 map means it takes about a year to collect cards for a character (not counting milestone rewards). That is slightly sped up with the 130 card map, but at 166 torches that map cannot be run consistently.

This is especially true when torches get removed for the “drop item of the day”.

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Other thing is the fact of we not getting torches from all tournaments milestones like last week raid and survival road…they don’t really care about accommodating more torches, its down to buy them…Scopelys way or the highway.

And Scopely’s way always emerges victorious :wink:

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