It's time for a New update

Months ago, Scopely did a great update on game, increasing level cap and daily survival road cap. I think it’s time for a New one. Many ate stucked on lvl 200 and 500 on DSR. In addition, New world maps would be great. Scopely please, we don’t need many promo toons, we need New things to do in game.


lol, maybe finally extend the town.

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Idk why it’s so hard for them to do just the simplest of things in game that would prob take a few hours if that to do but im no developer so Idk how long it would take but none of that goes for profits so they dont worry bout that part of the game they just wanna release new op toons every week or other week or events that you have to buy 3 keys in order to progress to the next mission only thing they have done decent is the total war event missions


And battle pass and willie and lilly… don’t downplay everything they did - I see a lot of new events being clearly above 5/10 where 5 is “indiferrent, where the good doesn’t outweigh the bad, but bad isn’t prevalent”, although I admit not many get even close to 8/10.

So far the only major screw up is the season11, because it is still running flawed as hell and the minor tweaks they did are - well, minor…
Not saying that there aren’t other significant screw ups (take 8v8 in 1b for example), but we can hope that those are isolated incidents that won’t have negative impact on the game after their (relatively short) event is over.

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Battle pass should of been included into sc membership cause the membership is way outdated and worthless I used to have it way back when but I didnt feel like paying 25 a month for something that you really get nothing from


While I agree in the sentiment that SC subscribers should have gotten the kick out of BP missions (extra BP coins for example, or collect daily key shards that they could exchange at the end of event for the key if they logged in daily), it doesn’t change the fact that the BP is a whole new content added, one that is easy to progress in and allowing quite good rewards (in terms of trainers etc directly from missions already, not to speak of the market choices).

As such, the BP is a good addition and overall could 7.5/10 for me…

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I agree battle pass is decent and if I would have to pick which one to spend money on it would be the battle pass over sc membership cause you get more with battle pass then membership

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Tbf there are more things to do in the game than ever before but I agree the basics of worldmaps, levels etc need extending.


Why does everyone want the level cap to increase I am at 166 and I started at level 150 max.

@Samuel1 Probably just because of the few coins you get after every second level increase. Sure they help greatly, on the other hand you don’t really get much from level increases.


I miss the coins

Nope, it’s the extra world energy. Am at 100 max right now (lvl 195 here), I think that is 6 energy above lvl166. Multiply that over the number of cans you use per week (I use some 15) and the “wake up” refilled enegy and it’s some 130 free energy per week you miss out on…

The coins, crafting items and the immediate full refill are also nice.

Of course, the additional world energy is also beneficial although with all of those high energy cost road maps almost every week, you use world energy cans no matter if you have 6 energy more than a lower level player.

Sure do. Explicitly stated I use around 15 each week recently…

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