It's time...(15 chars)


…to finally to fix all the bullshit bugs you ever created and NOT to impliment some new features. Every single ‘big update’ makes new doors open for bugs. And that means not to wait 1 year before finally work on these bugs. I mean yesterday. -.-


Yesterday… all my troubles seemed so far away…

But yea, I agree. A great first step would be to delete the whole mod feature again. :rofl:


Quality assurance is too busy counting our hard earned money


Unfortunately scopely are of the belief that bug fixes and quality of life improvements don’t drive engagement and spending in the way that new features do.

Whilst there is definitely some truth in that I do have to wonder how many people walk away due to the lack of communication and inability or unwillingness to fix bugs that have been reported for months

Personally I would happily accept a period with no feature creep for them to final clear some of the most irritating bugs


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