Its there a way to improve for free players?

Knowing that 5* are obsolete and there are no ways to get ascendable 6* other than:

  1. Pay
  2. Elite tokens with a .05 percent chance

What are we doing here? I wonder, is there another way to improve that im missing, have you notice this? Whats scopelly doing to solve this if anything?


Just got Wyatt for free.


Just got this from prestiege


Oh yeaj i forgot prestige but thats a .05 chance once a month, and yes i guess its just waiting for events where you can get those ascendables, i guess thats the reason i still log in just for this kind of really rare ocasional surprises

Sorry but has a free player there is no way to improve by playing the game, unless you wait for one of these holiday event and get lucky with the RNG, if you were at least strong enought to gather all the materials needed.

Or you can work with tapjoy for scopely, the more ads you finish the more money scopely gets and your rewarded with coins to use on the premier pulls with you get lucky some times and it gives you a 5*, if u get lucky again 5* legen, and if you get lucky a 3rd time you get a 6*.

You can, but it takes work. Events reward you with 5* tokens. There is a minimum of 6 ascendable toons on the 5* wheel. In October, a bunch of us changed regions. So far, as f2p, most of the faction has 10 to 15 5* and at least 2 ascendables in their rosters. You are gonna have to do the work, but you can grow and be stronger.

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Im at the point where its no longer really the game anymore. I enjoy the ppl i play with in the region. Without ev1s participation and interaction there is no game really. Or if ur new… just enjoy where your at… why rush to the end game by spendubg if u can make achieving greatness (if thats ur goal) without spending… u can do just fine grinding on your free energy and occasional good luck on premier puller from tapjoy coins… there is nothing wrong with this.

Edit ~ Spend only when ur havin fun if your inclined to spending.


I have forget about this, tough the ascendables in the 5* wheel, its still almost the same, very few ascendables wich arent that good but yeah i suppose you can still try to win something to get those 5*medals, still not worthy, so not worthy that i forgot about it, but yeah i supposes that the suppoused path to follow according to scopelly

The 5* versions of Yellow Joshua, blue Siddiq, and Gator can all be had via ascending 4* of their respective traits, and the SD has blue Ty, OG Glenn, and Gov, with the latter two and Gator getting ascended versions sooner or later.


Yea “soon”


I’ll “believe it” when I see it…

I think the only real chance a free player can hope for is wait for a new region to open up and really grind hard to get noticed. Maybe you will land in a top faction and be able to get consistent rewards, toons, etc. But being a free player in an older region is a pretty tough life. I definitely would not play this game without at least a 30 Day pass per month. Too many things require coins to succeed. There are probably much better games to try.

As a fellow free to play player. I will give you few tips:
Grind the player lvl to Milestones that give you DT and pk. Make superior weapons for future 6s.
Learn how to make decent weapons from more experienced faction mates.

For gaining toons you got a lot of possibilities
Ascendence can give you :slight_smile:
Sidiq blue
Joshua yellow or Gator (just for future)

Supply depo gives you a Blue Tyrese

5s tokens wheel and Prestige is the place for your hopes In Shiva Carl Green lead, shield Michonne

And probably you have a 6s Ezekiel already

Sr depo is only for Buying an Sr Ezekiel (one of best 5s still useful at the moment)

For future you should stack up gear and toons to be able in scoring 2m in lvl up (just for that last gear crate)

Would come up with few more points about Tapjoy grind for free coins but even if you manage to do a 10 pull its wasting time. Better spend coins for 100k skips during lvl ups


Yeah, you just have to grind really. I grew pretty well in a #15 faction when I started, but I was grinding all the time. Around the Shiva force event, players like myself experienced unprecedented growth. Unfortunately the quality and quantity of resources available from grinding has been significantly reduced since then. I’m hopeful that things will improve, though I have nothing to base that on. Seriously though, grinders do grow. You just have to put in the time.


I started 4-5 months ago and haven’t spent a dime. I know I’ll never be a top player but I am pleased with my progress. I lucked into a free green carl and with the other 4&5 stars I have (and receive in the future) I should be able to put together a decent team.

S1 Ranged w/2 5*s waiting for food to upgrade
S1+ Melee that will continue to grow
Ranked high 400s in Raid and low 500s in SR

My stats are trash to most of you but I have fun. :wink:

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there are 2 current ascendables in 4->5* Ascendance, with two more on the upcoming list (Joshua/Siddiq current, Glenn/Gator future).

1 Current and 2 Future in SD as well. (Ty Current, Glenn/Gov Future).

Events have given out 3 Ascendable characters to f2p as well. Dwight and Zeke are really powerful characters.

There was also an event where Mirabelles dropped a lot, some got multiple but there was not guarantee there.

Good attitude… enjoy where ur at

Siddiq is accessible from blue 4s ascension.

Gator and Glenn are on the to be released list also accessible from 4s yellow green ascension.

Glenn and Governor are in the supply depot and are on the future to be ascended list.

Then there are 5s, prestige, and elite tokens for an admittedly poor chance at a ascendable.

They are slow but F2P has always been that way.

I am not exactly free to play here but as someone who never got a premier from approximately 500 pulls pretty much feel like I am. (About 150 of those since ascension) My roster clearly shows someone who has never pulled :confused:

Always been in top faction, lead one for extended amount of time as well, some pretty good top faction at that, and focused pretty much whatever coins I had on war (was always a better investment than touching the rng wheel of death and avoiding the feeling you get of being totally done when you do 60-70 pulls and come up empty… every single time you try… or with fodder since ascension).

Ascension let ppl like me get ahead of everyone. In our faction it was quickly embraced and we were ahead of all regions we faced in crw. Now of course luckier team mates still progress, and yes we certainly have huge spenders in our group as well, but people that always stayed on top of everything here are seriously stuck. Haven’t seen any progress in about 2 months, roster didn’t improve, all the future ascendables have been 80 for ever, all 13 6 stars are t3 for ever (with 4 canteens from chicken nuggets there is no hope to t4 anytime soon).

How can the f2p ish ppl progress now? Pulls clearly don’t add to the roster, armory used all the mats from level 125 without any success. We have a few key ppl in faction who are in this boat and the game just feels so incredibly stuck. Previously war helped move progress along but now war is either farming event in local wars or fun fight once a month during crw but for things that don’t do anything to help anyone progress.


I know how to play the semi p2p game been able to play 4 different regions in top factions as a strong player in each. Won many solos on alt where those don’t go too high.

Just there is a point where you have dwight ty zeek shiva negan Carl abe Mira all t3 maxed without anything to work on. I multiples of them… ( not bothering with barker and Yumi doesn’t seem worth the tokens) My regiOn paying will get you top 10 unless you drop 100+ for cans and the prizes don’t really help you improve anyway.

I think what you described worked pre ascension. But now if you stuck it’s usually not something you can change by winning the solos as all those give us are either more fodder or trainers. With the death of war prizes worth fighting for the progress for the top semi p2p has stopped.

Ppl still playing ascension catch-up have stuff to work on but in my faction we have many top guys actually totally f2p. Playing with same team last 5-6 wars… not leveling anything anymore as all is maxed. Many feel they will stick around till they get pushed out and unable to help faction anymore. They are some of our top 5 ppl in faction… and stinks game is eliminating slowly a core group of players that kept the game competitive.