It's that time for me to ask again

So I need your guy’s advice on upgrading my character but I only have enough gear for ONE, who shall it be?



Kind of depends on what you’re going for, but Zander is definitely looking like the best choice out of those.

Michonne is still one of the best disarms due to having a chance to also confuse the opponent. Works well against Pete teams.

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I agree I had stopped using blue chone until I got sclass priya, now she is a monster once again

Yeah same, stopped using her for ages but really goes well with Priya or Diego lead.

I agree with going with Zander, personally I keep michonnes attack low so I can use her rush on payback toons without triggering it

I would say Mich but Zanders active has disarm 3 for 3 turns by turn 2 and you should in all honesty have killed the team by then. He is a command and his rush impairs and will give another teammate their rush. Zander can go on defense or attack and all around is a great toon. Imo you will be better off with Zander overall since he has a great toolkit and can go on defense or attack.

Zander, disarm, command and rush pops someone else’s rush

How do you kill everyone by round 2?

Michonne, still one of the top tier disarms and good against all the red. Zander seems alright, but I didn’t ascend mine yet for lack of fodder (and there’s several in the queue higher than him). Zeke seems pretty much useless, only good if you want the green Michonne.

Turn 2 ones would be
Doc - S Aaravs - Command
S Priyas with Rampage - Command

To OP, Zander any day.

Not round 2, sorry, was bad wording on my part. Round 2 he can disarm 3 for 3 turns, in total that is what, 5 turns? You should have the enemy dead by then. Not saying this to be mean or rude but if not and you are taking like 20 rounds to kill, you need to look at your attack team again and redue it or make another attack team and have multiple teams like i have, Priya, Camilla, Michelle, Diego teams, etc for attacking.

Pretty easily… doc makes it possible with Harper lowering defense christa killing 1 possibly 2 toons and priya double attack plus crit multiplier finishing off everyone else.

The question is do you have a disarm if not you have to go with michone if you do have a disarm then go zander.

When a broad statement is made like you should be killing them by round 2, mostly readily available characters should be mentioned. I know he clarified but round 2 without a doc is kind of difficult or requires some luck. This is assuming a non scrub defense.

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