It's raining coins

I love all the coins spitting out of leveling up and league stores…transfers are so realistic and easy to afford…no need to watch 30 daily videos while driving anymore.

Thanks scopely, that’s 1cool thing that’s appreciated…!!!


It is certain.

Um and where are the coins now? They seem to no longer be in leagues rewards

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Keep your coins (if you are f2p) and don’t spend them for transfers…or anything else…trust me.

You just got them for the end of the season…

Yes i realize that but there are no coins being offered for the new season

The season hasn’t started yet. Just like the first two seasons the qualifier doesn’t offer coins but the season will

Last seasons qualifier did. If it didn’t then the same thing happening right now about the coins would have happened then. Unless you have SS proof this is the first qualifier this has happened.


So what just wait until it actually starts first

The season qualifier did offer coins i have screen shots of both season 1 and season 2 qualifier prizes

If you read other threads on this subject you will see jb.scopely is checking into it but had no info because scopely is closed today for MLK day

I definitely wouldn’t say it’s raining coins lmao. Yes they have provided a way to obtain coins for f2p however a lot of games give their version of coins for all sorts of things. This is the only game I’ve played that gives so little for putting in so much time. If we actually received good rewards as well as the coins I would maybe say closer to raining coins…it’s sprinkling coins more like it

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Some of the mighty will never fall :wink:

you could just say sorry if you stated untruth.

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