It's possible to get Michonne f2p? What you guys think?

  • We have almost 13 days remaining.
  • We need 72 pulls to get Chris, Ezekiel and 10 itens.
  • 72 pulls means 72 Michonne tokens.
  • We need 10 balloons for one token
  • 72 Michonne tokens means 720 balloons.

Somedoby already calculate the balloons amount we can get?

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yes it is. you can get the toons from the event or you pulled them from all wheels they did with them in sure zek and chris is in 5 star and 1k wheel. As for pulling her that comes down to rng not token amount like everything else.

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Yeah it’s doable easily even with sleep. You’ll get close to 450 from the first 8 hours roadmap

Only need 270 then from the 2nd roadmaps

depends of they fix the roadmap, of they do yes, if not no chnace

is the second roadmap fixed

Yep. Finally an event which allows the main prize to be achieveable, and allows excess wheel pulls/prizes to reward over-activity. Feels like an old-school event, I like it so far


have they fixed the roadmap

How do you define fixed?

ran it 2 times works fine now also got free stuff

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I disagree, the amount of collectables are pathetic. Each token seems to be granting about 5 collectables, or 0.05% of an Sclass. 50 tokens will net you 2.5% of an sclass, discounting lucky box drops. Yay! That is not Old School levels of prizes, nowhere near.


I only see michonne in the wheel. Where else is she?

turning 2 toons are f2p and normal kites is another way

Hard to draw a direct comparison there as the game never used shards before. I draw the comparison similar to… first anniversary where you could easily get a 5*, then you could push further at your own discretion to get another. There’s another event similar that I can’t put a name too but similar type of model. You can just keep working at your own pace for more wheel pulls

The collectable amounts are low, but my mentality regarding them is they build up. I’m going to try to get as close as possible to that max 200 pulls, which is worst case 600 items, best case 2000. Not including if I should pull a choice box

If I can get michonne I’ll put zeke and her together.

red cakes in there aswell so if short on them for turn it

Museum. Event gets you guaranteed Chris and Zeke and enough kites to redeem but since her collection never expires you’ll all get her someday

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100% agree

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One thing I will say that is a positive for this event is the guaranteed Chris if you’re active enough. He’s a decent toon and it would be an awesome event just for him if we weren’t in the start of the Sclass era.
I also agree that it is good to have the ability to over achieve.

I just think that they are incredibly stingy when it comes to collectables.


Does anyone know if you get Zeke and Chris as a maxed 6* from the event tab? Because when you click on them thats what it shows.

no u will need level them.