It's not rocket science


Let’s put some numbers:

6* Tier 1 - @1,5k points per level -> 88,5k
6* Tier 2 - @3k -> 207k
6* Tier 3 - @6k -> 474k

So, a legendary character at t3-80 gives me 769,5k points

Imagine I have several 6*s to level. I’m not even gonna think about the epics and gear needed to ascend it.

To tier 2 this toon I need:

  • 1 walkie talkie
  • 1 school bag
  • 4 ‘rare gear’
  • 6 ‘ultra rare gear’
  • 120 2*
  • Millions of food

To tier 3 this toon I need:

  • 1 military watch
  • 1 radio
  • 6 ‘ultra rare gear’
  • 6 ‘epic gear’
  • 270 2*
  • Who knows how much food

I still need some more survivors and food to lvl 80 this character:

  • 446 2*
  • Food x999999999

Do all of the above TWICE and you still haven’t reached the 2M milestone.

Once you finish it you will be rewarded with:

  • 1 military watch (You just used 2 to reach 1,5M)
  • 2 ‘epic gear’ (used 12, yes, twelve)
  • 1 walkie talkie (used 2)
  • Some ultra rare gear (used 24)

So maybe after 6 level ups I can tier 3 ONE more 6* :slightly_smiling_face:

We shouldn’t complain huh :woman_shrugging:t3:

Solo Level Up Rewards

Nuff said bruh


Given the prize for 2Mil, it isn’t rocket science that it isn’t worth going for it as well, especially since you don’t get objective points for faction LU.


Holy god so much truth in what you say


Well explained. Hard to argue facts.


It always boils down to math.

It’s all an equation.

You can not possibly reach that milestone without multiple 6* chars at your disposal.
and you need gear and food and trainers to do so, which the OFFERS all have in them.

Cash grab techniques at its finest.

Just dont be fooled by it, stop spending, wait for prizes to get better and save your money and time.


Another level up tournament coming next week.


I agree for most people going into a standard level up, 2 million is not achievable but for some of us that have won solo, 2 million is easily attainable with the correct characters and with stashing and hoarding gear efficiently.

I won Kal, which some argue was the last real solo level up prior to the T3 legendaries, and hit nearly 3 million.

Again not saying you ‘can’t’ hit it, but 2 million is a definitely a stretch if you are trying in every LU.

I agree this milestone is pretty garbage, but to win or to put up a ridiculous score, you have to pick and choose which ones to compete in. Hoarde your gear and food. Right now Scopely is not making it easy on us by having an abundance of materials with a shortage of gear and food. They want you to spend money to buy the things you can’t get easily.


The point is Scopely runs this kind of tournaments every week. That would be acceptable if we also had…

  • Gear maps
  • More 6*
  • Farms production increased
  • More survivors

Buuuuuut we have nothing, nada.

I know we can skip this lvl up and hoard resources for the next one. What then? You reach 2M, get your gear and 5* tokens. At this rate, in 2 months we could hit 2M again. What’s the point in this game?


The numbers don’t lie. Great job with this!


You certainly can’t argue the math, but then again it’s Scopely and they don’t live in a world where decisions are based upon facts and logic. They are clearly trying to lower expectations to a point that players will be happy with mediocre rewards and accept that they must spend exorbitant amounts of money to progress in the game. First you lower the rewards, raise milestones, eliminate coin packages, eliminate regular roadmaps, and neutralize competition by making the same characters available to all players; once this is done the only way for players to progress is to spend more money. Every decision is made based upon how to manipulate the game to make players spend more.


Good post - clearly highlights what is needed, and what is gained in return for all of that; i.e., not much, and not even the stuff (Benedicts, legendary tokens, T4 gear…) we are crying out for.


You can always buy from awesome offers poping always when you need to do something else just to annoy you!