It's much better to give 3 silver quills rather than one gold quill in lvl up

With help of 3 silver quills we can unlock arrows RM and get 12 teddys … with one gold we just unlock one letter leading to nothing for f2p like us … instead of last gold quill it wud have been better if it was 2 silver quills bcoz when I get gold, I’ll change it to silver lol…but still there will be one less silver quill … hope we can have it in next to next solo lvl up @GR.Scopely


But then you would not have to buy the silver quill. This is not an event geared towards not spending. Nothing is anymore everything is set up to get you to spend money.


Well, if they don’t change it (and with the way the game works, I don’t think it’s easy to change), you can skip claiming the letter from the mission and this way save up over some events for a favorable one. In the last similar event, this was also intended behavior, confirmed by GR. This set of premium words, it would have been pretty bad, but on the last set, a single Hwould have given you five teddies, which beats 4 teddies per silver quill.

But yeah, I thought the same thing - would prefer a second silver quill at 3m.


Might help you get the letter n for next time they put payback negan in and no roadmap to beat him.

Yup exactly, screwplay arent giving away quills out of the goodness of their heart, they are doing it to try to entice people to spend in order to complete milestones.

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Christmas this year schamply isn’t about giving. It’s about taking. Taking your money because they can, buy only if you are stupid enough to spend for it.

Happy schamply Christmas!! Now give me your money for these quills.


I also thought the same thing but I don’t think they will repeat “TINSEL” and premium word starting with “THE” Haha
Edit : u still get only 5 teddies… elsewise u get 12 teddies actually (assuming we all have 10 arrows)

That gives u only 1 teddy … I have already missed both teddies bcoz of letter N (will miss my 2nd one)

Yeah, but it costs 3 quills to open the map. If there is another situation like tinsel and the, that one gold quill will give you 5, when a single silver quill will only get you 4 (if you can get the other two to open the map).

If you need two letters from gold quills, the ratio becomes worse (2.5 per quill, compared to 4), and the more you need, the worse it gets. So silver quills would have been better in the expected case, but it should be possible to get some value out of them.

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It is work as intended.



That is the actual part of the intended event design. As @DrJank is saying, the way of working is really similar to the Last Word event in terms of the game mechanism.

Didn’t I read somewhere the silver quills expire between segments? Or is that just the letters?

Is this a “use it or lose it” thing? Because even if we get another silver quill in next LU, that won’t be until a future segment

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Should work like last time. Silver quills are a mission trigger, and happen whenever you collect them, so in this sense they only work for the current segment. You could, however, not claim the letter, and it will go to your inbox as all mission rewards do when they expire.

Alternatively, you could delay claiming the silver quill, as long as it comes from the tournament milestones (I think offers would claim them immediately), by leaving that in your inbox.

[ETA] Technically, I don’t think the letters expire in the strict sense - If we could see the whole inventory, I suspect they would still be there, like the plushies. Missions do not count how many you have, they count how many you have claimed while the mission is active. (Think back to the delayed Onslaught milestones - they did not count things that happened before the mission became active, only battles that happened while it was active)

I was wondering the same thing. Can we wait until we have 3 quills or do we have to use them? If we have to use them then it makes it even worse that we’re only getting one.

Letters and Gold Quills collected will only count for the active segment. This means that if you collect the letter “A” and 1x Gold Quill in Segment 1, your progress will not carry over to Segment 2 or 3. If you need another “A” in Segment 2 or 3, you will need to collect another during that segment.

  • Silver Quills will persist across segments. So if you have extra from the first segment, you can continue to use them throughout the remaining segments

Thanks for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course, it is all in the blog. Why would I expect it to be posted here?


How do you turn one gold arrow into a silver arrow? Did I miss that part?

Note that it talks about ‘collecting’. If you don’t collect them, they carry over.

Yes that’s why we’re not getting them😂