It's happening AGAIN


So I have the option to but Andrea’s map in my baby regions but dnt have the option on my main account… WTF SCOPELY






Restart your phone and give it time to load offers then it should pop up


I have over 200 raids this tourney and not 1 map to shoq for it bc I guarantee the odds are so abysmal that like 3 ppl a region get them but spmebody else gets the option to pay for it… #EqualOpportunityOffers


Trust me, I’ve tried everything


Yeah it pops up in some of my regions but not the others


you dont need that offer anyways


“Give it time” but it ended 3 hours ago :joy:


Do you already have Andrea on your main?


Shouldn’t make a difference if you had her or not


Yeah that’s been happening to me too. But not only with offers… some promos, certain road maps and events don’t show when they start unless I delete the game and reinstall. :frowning:


Why wouldn’t it? If you didn’t have the product, it would make sense to solicit it to you. If you already own the product, in most cases you are less likely to purchase another.


Omg complains about who scopley wants to sell what to whom… Smh! Let It Go!!


No… I had used her as fodder before the list came out…




In my 2nd region I got the map on the 11th raid I did after the promo started


What I’m saying is I have Andrea on two accounts and I got her offer on both accounts


Well there goes my theory


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