Its happen to you guys?

so this zombie don’t have any skills but when be killed the toon who killed him die instantly more of the time some time just some time the hp of the toon is dropped to min like 200-250 hp

Yes some have reflect damage and others don’t that one doesn’t but others on that stage might do


That zombie gets me a lot on SR…she usually either kills my kirkman negan or fast Charlie. But yeah, she’s a witch. Lol.

It’s the boss ones with the yellow bar above that have that skill.
Either use a toon that has guardian shield on it, use a powerful AR, use a high bleed or burn (usually has to be really high as those have a ton of health) , or use a high crit toon with a low attack so if it does reflect, it won’t kill your toon.

This walker in particular is why you have to pay attention to Survival Road maps before autoing.

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