Item drop territories for world map only?

I noticed the territory says affects world map, but when you use a salvage token on a Roadmap MIssion, it shows the bonus after completion. Can you clarify this @kalishane ?


It doesn’t show up while doing the roadmap or afterwards on a normal playthrough.

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After a normal playthrough on roadmap mission.

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This is a good question.

I’ll take a look. Thanks for bringing this up.


Thank you, I didn’t know whether it’s a glitch that it shows after a salvage token is used on Roadmaps or not.

Bug’s been logged. Thanks again for posting.

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This is a long standing bug, ever since territories went live for all regions a year ago

No problem.

Considering all the roadmaps and the useless territories that many don’t use or need, it would be nice to get item drop bonuses for roadmaps from the existing or from new territories.

@CombatMan Any clarification on this? Does the territory effect Roadmaps via playthroughs and salvage tokens or just one or the other:? Or neither?

Those were designed for World Map specifically, not Roadmaps, whereas the Daily was meant for all PvE. I’ll log an issue for the Daily Missions wording.