Item Drop Leader Skill #AscendItemDropLeaders

So we all got this Michonne (if you linked you Facebook and became Skybound insider) so I reckon they should make Michonne and the others Ascendable because let’s face it they ain’t relivent so let’s spread the #AscendItemDropLeader because I reckon they can be useful


we got Gator and Rose.

It would be neat to have a 4* weapon token drop lead though

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And Kenny

#Sclassitemdroplead with huge bonus to item drop chance with a chance for 5* gear. Make it happen


Laughs in not… That like asking for a s class Earl drop. Lead that drops awesome weapons for you
Earl be like
Nah dawg get your own gun losers

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Technically there is Glenn has a chance but it’s low

If they buffed michonne to give us S class Items or 5* tokens in the thousand then it good but Na scopely would probably do some random toon

what does Michonne have to do with item drop leads? Are you talking about the Gatherer Michonne?

I have a pretty solid team, been playing on a new region since like April, and stillllll dont have a freaking Large item drop lead. It’s pretty ridiculous I’d kill for one. Ascended so many 4*s.

Scopely need sell the game for another people.scopely don’t do more good events the game become a trash.

If SkyBound took over it like they did with the Telltale game the thing would be different


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