Item drop leader reality

I have my farming team with a gator lead. Let’s be real, does the item drop leader really make a difference? All I’m really after is shirts and gloves most of the time and I still mostly pull 1 or 2 of each.

Am I just wasting a slot for a more useful team?


At this point of this game. I don’t think it matters. Drop leader new be revamp

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I use Rosa on world stages to farm survivals, and work well for me as you can see here the large amount of itens I have to sell for food/markers

So you think long term it might make a difference? When I compare rewards with and without, it sure seems pretty pointless

Apparently, the drop leader only makes a diff for world maps. Though I personally have not seen any proof of this.

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Honestly I don’t see any difference when I use Kenny or Gator lead vs non drop lead. Personally I think it like most things here :clown_face::poop:

If there is then it definitely needs to be reworked, like a lot of thinks in game.

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If Im remembering correctly, drops leads don’t increase the value of drops. They instead increase the amount of drops each run through, giving more chances for the rarer drops to appear


The lead doesn’t increase the quality of the drops. Just more drops. More drops mean high chances at getting the same stale not worth your time item station materials at a higher amount. They are basically a placebo at this point in the game.

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There’s two kinds of bonus - territory boost that is clearly described as applicable to world map only and toon lead skill, which might or might not apply in roadmaps…

Both skills affect the (undisclosed) % chance of an item to drop, but not its quantity. Also, even the lead skill would work in roadmaps, it will have absolutely zero impact on guaranteed drop items (such as boxes or the recent cigars, etc). The recent gear map changes have been made to be just one stage, so there is no actual item/survivor drop other than a guaranteed/predefined one - thus making it pointless to run an item drop lead.

The only item drop lead I use on roadmaps is Pam’s medium drop chance, but the reason I use her is of course the 5.5 XP per energy used :wink:

I’ll just delete that team then. Pretty good consensus that it’s a waste of a team slot to keep an item drop lead hanging around

I think it still makes a difference. However, on special item road maps it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’d like to see a roadmap-item-drop-boost territory.

I would like the 5* era town be transformed into a 6* era town. That way in 5 years(if they did change it) we could see an s class era town after 3 more resets. So many things stuck in the beginning of the game existence that needs an update but yet never does.


I second that motion… away with the greyed out area in the top part of the screen!

Drop leader dont really make difference, they are outdated, i use kenny gator and other team without drop leader for 25 8, most of the time, you dont see difference

All is rng RNG,

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