It would be really cool


If scopely would give us a pull for every day of the collection we completed.

That’d make me feel slightly less terrible because I would have 11 sports gauntlets instead of one. (missed a day, fuck a beanie)

At least it would have some value for time spent, which at this point feels like I was actually better off playing other games or real life stuff.

I was really hoping for change with this event.

Keep on surviving.

Merry Christmas.


Yep. I grinded those maps for 12 days and all i got was a damn tripod. Really? I would have been happy with either of the following for all that grinding nonsense:

  1. 300 Legendary medals
  2. Combo of Crank Radio AND Military Watch
  3. 6 of any of the epic gear (tripod, knife sheath, etc)
  4. 2 of any of the legendary gear (holster, hockey mask, etc)
  5. GPS or Canteen

Any of those 5 are reasonable to be received as a gift for Christmas. None of them are expecting too much. But instead most of us will get 1 piece of gear. Greedy bastards.