It would be pretty cool if

The regions that were affected could get a bone for the time lost. I understand it’s a lot to ask, but I feel like that or either the items to play the levels. Not complaining just expressing my wants.

NO, I don’t need people coming in here talking about how it wont happen. Let’s be constructive here.


No it’s not. This company overvalues its own stuff. They are selling sand-fûcking-paper at 150 gold. Yes you read that right.

Math is something they shamelessly fail at.


To be fair, they charged 930 Coins for it before, so that’s defenitly an improvement

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Or is it? At least before they could say it was a mistake.

So you’re literally asking to be thrown a bone.

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I never understood why people would reply to my comment “to be fair, blah blah blah, scopely has improved”.

Doesn’t change the fact that shit is still overvalued and that they clearly don’t play their own game. Just sounds to me people like to settle for what Scopely throws at them just because it’s “improved”.

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Important to recognise the right direction as much as the right distance


This whole war sucks huge green donkey dicks now anyways.


Completely disagree here. This is why they think they can get away with so much BS I think. Set the bar so low, that any change is perceived as an improvement. But the fact is, it’s still 100% a rip off, thus, no improvement at all.

They do this with every standard they set too. Not just pricing.

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That’s weirdly descriptive :joy:

I don’t think that was the Hulk she watched

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I also saw that movie once, two thumbs down. Would not recommend

No point in going 1 step in the right direction and then 10 steps back in the direction it came from :wink:

I think it’s totally fair. CRW is the most time intensive aspect of the experience, and is supposed to be the most & best rewarding.

Not only did these players not get to participate because of the company’s rushed attempt to fix ANOTHER glitch but they all still spent their time all weekend writing messages to support, posting on the forums, line, FB, Instagram & Twitter, just to see if they’d be able to war.

With no reply.

Scopely lacked dedication this weekend, the locked out players were dedicated WITHOUT having the product. What’s one crossbones to that??
Not near enough, in my opinion.



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