It would be great to choose 1 free characters


I think a lot of people will be come back from retirement if they can choose 1 free character of their choice from the game.
Maybe that would calm some players


This is a great idea @kalishane


Love the idea but 5s would be a waste of a pick now unless they are ascendable.


Won’t improve anything. We want a better player experience and all around improvements. A free toon does not solve these problems.


Most of the quitters have every good character in the game. A lame freebie offer isn’t enough to keep those on their way out or bring back those already gone.


Seen people with $10,000 invested say goodbye long before 6* release :slight_smile:


Might as well just call it “Priya or Konrad? Event” because that’s all people are going to choose. :grin:


i would feel bad for the ones who don’t get picked :frowning: so i’ll choose Yamiko because she’s nice


Konrad? Not a chance. The new guv all day


Oh I’d choose a hard counter to one (preferably both) in anticipation of that. Ascendable Viktor comes to mind. Just saying what would probably be the most commonly picked.