It was all going so well


A cheeky faction onslaught thrown in to the event calendar. And this month was going so well…

Please Scopley, stop flagging this dead horse!


are you really happy with bronze mods and few league points? lol


Faction Onslaught still sucks


Cause it’s a lazy repacking of existing tired features rather than anything new and innovative.


No, i said it was lazy and unoriginal


First off, you can’t like it too much because you don’t even know the correct name of the event. Secondly, you’re in the HUGE minority in liking this event.


If you’re garbage at the game, of course you’d dislike onslaught.


Approximately 535 players out of 590 dislike onslaught. Some of the 535 come from top CRW factions so you’re incorrect with the garbage comment. Nice try though.


It’s literally the easiest faction event ever.
BTW, where the fuck did you pull the 590 amount at?


There was a poll, search it. While the poll was before onslaught was redone, it’s safe to assume that many people didn’t change their opinions.


Free gold mods? I like it now


Onslaught is a joke if scopely expect us to take it as a serious faction event. The rank rewards are bad, no milestones, the fact you can get just food and materials for a successful attack is a joke, no logs to track attacks and defends to see if you need to adjust your teams.

Viewing it as a casual event, it’s not too bad. Plenty of free energy, testing new attacks teams against different opponents, the possibilities of gold mods is awesome, league points are great but not enough to get excited, not a bad amount of elite item tokens.

Overall, a lackluster event that has potential.


I’m the poor sucker who still didn’t even get a single gold mod to drop so my opinion remains unchanged :upside_down_face:



It sucks harder than all of these combined.


To be fair, there’s not a Dyson in that group.


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