It was a war against F2P

It was a war against F2P… If the Scopely’s don’t compensate us for their failure… And they will not think to do it… In General, we have already looked great games: war robots and tanks… :grin:

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Yes the body is clear

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Yea… Clear… :joy:



:rofl::+1: Scopely’s ruls!..))

Oh, so that’s the thing… )) Many F2P players have already left the game and only Donaters are left!!!.. )) They feel sorry to throw the game after a bunch of money paid… ))

It’s a free a game, if you don’t drop a few dollars, don’t expect better treatment than those who basically pay Scopely.

EDIT: I also don’t think Scopely will care if F2P leaves, it won’t really hurt them in the long run. And why mention war robots? Are you sponsored? :thinking:

Great, but I would look like You in the game will not change teams, and wallets… :wink: And how you will then feel when all the “payers” are still in the game throw… one… ))

Nobody expects better treatment. People want a way to compete with them.

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I would argue that being able to compete because you dropped a few dollars in the game is indeed, better treatment than being F2P. Personally, if I really like something (like this game) then I would financially support it. That’s just my opinion on it though, if you like something, how would you support it?

so many questions are left by the op…

I don’t expect them to give out a good character to F2P like in a collection or anything. I think it would be better if they put a disarm in a 5 star wheel or something like that, that way they still get people to pay and F2P still have chances of getting them. Only problem I see is that people have 500k tokens and all that. But they would still be making profit from both normal spenders and new/previous little spenders.

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The 5* wheel should be updated at least each 2-3 months, I wouldn’t mind seeing a disarm in there, maybe a new one that isn’t as powerful as the premium ones but still holds its own in battles.


Half my faction is F2P and we finish top ten every CRW ( currently in 7th ) activity and stragiety will take you further than most think

The scopely’s lol

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