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@kalishane - seriously why not put a 6* previously went through premiere twice as increased chances and as x2 chances as a war reward. For example how could putting rositta/jerimiah/Vincent/ Yvette/ Victor… hurt the game or scopely’s profit!!! None of these toons are close to being over powered and I assure u that I for example wont use any of those in my defense, still im sure it would appease the mass if for example war rewards were every now then with new 6* (not necessarly every war). Give the players something that in truth is really nothing.

Seriously why not?


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Because this is lies and they have no intention to give 6*


Because then the top factions would only get better and everyone else would fall off the board. The power distribution would get even worse.


I read about the power distribution a lot, but the reality is, those people willing are already in first. Rather than making all of the rewards bad for the sake of balance, we should see them improved across the board. Players would be rewarded for their time and lower players would still get serviceable equipment/characters.


Scopley like to use the balance excuse for giving us shitty rewards for war. The game was just recently reset with the 6* meta. Don’t punish factions that were ready for it.


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Btw if spencer in really not ascendable then its a worst prize than tokens (unless there is tokens too next to him).