It was a matter of time

in the last day they decided to sell out the characters


$75 without the weapon and i only care about the weapon maggie and josh are really bad anyways

But there are so many trainers and tokens in there!!! You know how much they cost? 70$ for all these…the key is almost a gift to you xD.

-30ap bad? wot.

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I already got 1 character free, and neither of them are particularly game changing, so who cares if others want to buy the 2nd?


The only thing these toons are useful for from my perspective are part of their rushes (Maggie has focus , John heal reduction).

However, Dale has a better version of both of these in his active skill. That’s how pathetic these toons are.


They gave us a free opportunity to get one character. If someone thinks that a second character is worthwhile then good for them - they’re idiots - but it is their decision.

If you don’t like the offer, your best method of communicating your displeasure is to not purchase it.


When one of the characters is so bad, people don’t bother remembering their name.


I love how they only sell you one you picked

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Nice eyes there, didn’t notice it at first.

$8 for 4 tokens, 4 tokens to go toward a stash full of crap, if the stash is finish you get a crate with rng toons, most got dupes, most will get aris or aiko :rofl:

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