It time for new ascendence list

Almost end of year and there isnt new ascendece list


Make some shields

Please not. We need decaps and disarms.


I am asking for legacy shield. Why not

^ this has to happen ^

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Ascendable list for 2019 is certain.


2019 Scampley certain keep scampling

Current list needs to be finished.


Does anyone have a list of which ones have been completed and which ones are still to be done? I have a number of the characters on the list, but all are 5*. It’d be nice to know which ones I can expect to be ‘upgraded’.

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Knox, tough maggie and tough Dwight are left

Green means ascendable, red means still 5 star


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Thanks. I just have Dwight.

Because everybody (at f2p and moderate spending level) seems to think shields and revives will make their problems go away.

Guess what? They won’t. With more shields and revives we will see even more timeout teams. Whales got their decaps and disarms to cut through these teams but the rest will face elmore almost unbeatable teams. Which will result in more frustration and players leaving.

We (the f2p and moderate spenders) need a way to cut through these stale broken meta teams. And therefore we need more decaps and disarms.


Preach it! Lol i will take decaps and disarms over a shield anyday

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Exactly, more shields and revivers for everyone will just lead to more complaining that instead of not being able to beat the spenders but having a fair go against other f2p, they can’t beat the spenders or f2p now because everyone will be running time out teams.

Knox better be a Sheild or decap if not he going to fooder

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a ■■■■■■■ green leader atk + pa

There still not done with the old list so that means no new list.

More than half of them will be toons not readily available if they follow the same pattern as the first two lists.

99% of the time they are extremely underwhelming do nothing for anyone be that f2p or p2w.

At this point I say completely stop making 5-stars ascendable so we can stop holding on to them for that incredibly small chance they might become useful again and this way we can all clear out that wasted roster space.

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It should be better to exchange old 5* again 6* of a choice.

For example : a certain list of 5* = choice into à 6* list.


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