It’s the new year where is are ascendable list

Where is the ascendable list


It’s the 1st of January. A bank holiday. You expect it today?? Lol give it a couple weeks and then moan.
This is Scopely. NOTHING happens quick unless it’s a mistake that’s costing them money. We all know this by now.


Snizzle speaks all truths

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You do realize that it won’t matter. They have no desire to try and keep any balance between the f2p and the p2w. Every future ascendable will be bottom of the barrel and won’t help to deal with the current meta.

The only thing they want is for people to keep spending on premier recruits and gear bundles. So the message is loud an clear. Either pay up or GTFO.


Bruh. They didn’t even wish us merry Christmas or a happy new year and you expect a list.

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Worst company ever… if they only had a Yelp page to complain on… :thinking:

Pretty sure they do, unless you are being sarcastic and already know.

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so many threads on the same subject it amazes me they arent deleted and merged anymore. kalishane made last 2 ascendance lists, this was something she did in her free time, kalishane left cause the community was to “TOXIC” and she moved on to a different game, JB “temp” took her place while they find someone else to fill for her, but he also has other dutys at scopely that keep him busy.

all a list is going to do is make more people mad and quit when they see how few old 5stars are going be turned 6star, or make them mad that they dont own any of the 5stars on the list, and half of those are going be unuseable against whatever meta is at that time.

honestly instead of a list, why not ask them for 1-2 accendable a month, and let scopely make ascendable whatever 5star they want at that month, im sure they dont like these lists cause they cant change there mind later about what old 5stars to make accendable, so instead of picking something that could help the free to play, were stuck with blah blah 5star cause 7months ago we thought it would be a good idea but against current meta they would stink even as a 6star while trying to keep it close to the feeling of the 5star.


While you’re not wrong, it would be nice to have the list simply for roster planning. As we’ve acquired more 6stars, 5stars arw becoming more ane more useless. Personally, once I see the list, most of my 5stars are gonna be ascendance fodder. I know the future ascendables will be crap but they’ll be useful for levelups, territories and survival road. I initially only had 1 toon on the last list and I didn’t care, I was just appreciative we were given a list. I wouldn’t be mad if I don’t have any on the next list and I definitely expect the small list to be dragged out all week. I’ll just be happy to have one…

Scopely busy counting money maybe a couple months after they release 8 or 10 mor promos

(possibly). :blush:

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Even if they ascended the ones that they put in the shop as a “special deal”. I am pretty sure muscle Ty and Viktor are not going to be ascendable.

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