It’s the little things



So I put up ShieldChonne as faction support for the new roadmap stages and I just noticed her hand position changed. I equipped her with a St. John’s Carving knife and that’s when I saw it. I always thought that maxed weapon looked pretty bada$$ in the downward position. It’s no longer. :neutral_face:


I prefer how it is now. I just imagine some male toon running, tripping, and stabbing himself in the sack with the old version.


:joy: :ok_hand:


This was changed almost 2 months now. Not a fan


but it goes against how knife safety and you should have the blade facing down


In the zombie apoc, I’d rather have the knife facing outwards. Less chances of stabbing myself in the dick.


I’m going to suggest raiding the nearest sporting goods store and confiscate a cup for the family jewels. :rofl:


yeah getting stabbed in the pee-pee would suck


Really dude ? You have way too much free time


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