It’s all coming together

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Ftp Gang rise up


Raulito shiva James rick and Glenn


Replace Charlie but thats a nice bleed team man

im planning on putting roadie in with my raulito for the burnnnnn

Idk o to replace Charlie with atm, also working on a splash weapon to work with Christa’s bleed mod

Thank you TWD-Rock, very cool

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The splash/bleed wont work like that. Go for ap down instead. Replace Charlie with a red or green, maybe command gleen, knox is good as he has bleed rush and he is neutralize

I’ve been tricked and fooled

Uh, also, I lack Glenn and Knox

Nice team. I think it will be the standard for f2p. Which unfortunately means bleed resist mods will be more utilized.

You could also go for some heals, like rosita who has ap down gun already, dante, etc gaurdian kal was great for me for like a year or you could do another Raulito

I’m about 500/2000 on a second Raulito :slight_smile:

Also, I don’t have Rosita, Kal, or Dante

My roster is omega bad

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Idk lol just get a red or green there

I have an almost identical team, I call them the Gusher Gang


I wish I had gotten that Shiva, she would be perfect for this team

Sawyer seems best fit to take Charlies position :woman_shrugging:

If thats the best you have then yea

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