It’s about time lydia gets a nerf!

Her rush is insane and impossible to get by!


She doesn’t actually heal anyone and has a number of counters including getting stunlocked by superior trait green characters. Use someone like green Mira and just keep hitting her with green stun weapons


Use bleed/burn mods on a strictly Lydia attack team :wink:


She’s definitely a pain. It ducks for those without a disarmer. I like to use sr zeke against her because usually not a lot of damage toons.


I’d like to add Tyreese and Jesus to that list too.

Nerf them all bring on the 7 stars

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Ur wish has come true.


Sounds good but i don’t have Lydia or green mirabella any other suggestions lol i could try a burn team w naya i don’t know lol

I have Bruce disarmer but i swear he never disarms her lmao


Crit mods and weapon with crit leader? Mine disarms all the time

Removed my truthful comment, smh, doesn’t change the truth.

Don’t know if anyone else has run into this yet, and it may just be Scopley glitches and bugs due to the update that only Android users got; but stunned/confused cards are still able to rush ARs. A guy in my region runs Lydia/ Shield Jesus/ Lydia/ Yvette / Guardian Glenn with all Abs Def weapons, maxed mods…the whole deal. Went in with bleed/burn/maim with stun weapons. Took out Glenn Lydia #1, and Yvette, the remaining were stunned. Lydia #2 rushes despite being stunned, bringing back Lydia 1, who in turn revives Yvette. It was maddening.


Probably intentional, the scopley way is to make is pay.

Maim, Decapitate, Bleed/Burn.

Need decap for you. Maim is removed from revive

So maim sucks!

Decapitate the Maimed enemy so they can’t be revived.

Weak sauce, homie. If some toons aren’t better than others, what’s the point of pulling. Plus, you know, I like my Lydia just how she is!

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Yes i have seen it also

Why Lydia doesn’t Tyreese have indomidable and almost the same.People Just bleed mine to death

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lydia + double shield is pretty Annoying.

They must of made good money selling her.

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