It may not please everybody

I have thought a lot about how people feel about this game and the amount of people that make their disdain known on the forms. Why don’t we try to do something along the lines of another game. First off I understand that people will still be unhappy but that’s just their nature. And secondly I really don’t have a problem with the RNG right now, If I choose to go all out I can if not I don’t. I spend a lot less than I used to and I understand I can’t compete on the same level as back then. So here is what my son and I discussed. Why don’t we have something like shards like other games drop where people can get premieres by grinding. Now people can still buy Paul’s but throw something in there were people can actually pull new Characters. There could be a low chance of you finding a shard in any map or any special and that could make a lot more people happy. I am a firm believer in not giving stuff away for free. People will still pay people will still go for the top tier but everybody else will have a chance.


Case in point, my son wanted Thanos on strike force. He did his grind and got him even though it took him till two weeks later but he still had him. Like I said those that are going to be unhappy will still be unhappy but it might be a good idea for the future.

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Nobody wants to grind/spend to get a piece of a character. Shards are probably the worst part of mobile games.


Then what would you suggest? Because if you want to make most people happy you give them access but you can’t give everything away for free. So let us know.

Shards already exist. They’re in the form of butter, ice cream, blue keys. :man_shrugging:t3:


Back then if you got lucky you got the promo. Now if you get lucky you get 1/5 of one. Dumbest shit ever.


You’re right Chip I was not looking at it like that. And big, I don’t ever remember grinding for Premier. I remember when they were war prizes and getting them when you’re finished in the top three. But that wouldn’t help most people these days either. If people got a chance through grinding to pull off a premier wheel that only had three mirrors on it would it not be worth the shards or butter or ice cream or whatever?

I mean you can’t have it both ways.

Scopely thinks a grind like that should take a year look at tara


Shards are terrible, every game that uses them requires too much micro management. This game already has more than enough micro management


What other way would make the players happy? Do you all know you’re not going to get stuff for free yet you still bellyache every time a new promo comes out. So something like the shards or whatever you wanna call it would be a great addition.

How about solo tournament rewards. Back in the day any f2p could win a solo tournament with patience and planning. It’s how i got most of my first 5*. The events with collections are also a good way. Sure it’s sorta like the shards, but it generally only lasts 3 or 4 weeks, and its didn’t used to be grind for a chance at a chance to win.

Most belly aching isn’t cus ppl want the toons free. It’s because of the insane rate at which they widen the power gap. And the lack of…anything decent…for f2p and mild spenders

Exactly I don’t mind taking longer to win or even losing to high dollar teams but this is just sick.

Yep s class is welcome to the champagne room and you know what happens there…

Thanos is sort of weak anyways

I’m fine with how it was before. Maybe slightly boosted odds for promos, and more access to free coins. But I loved that if I pulled the promo just once, that was all I had to do. I didn’t need to pull 10k ice cream shards.

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