It is possible to get amber tracking on 5 ascending stars

Hello, a few days ago I borrowed to amber in arena recruits and I wonder if you can get in 5 stars and where?.

No I don’t think she’s available anywhere right now for f2p but I remember seeing here in the museum somewhere

You can get a 6 star amber in the museum. She is pricey though. I have two of her and I don’t recommend her. Better off with Aarav

She is also available for 100 comics as well.

I have her with 30 rings and behind Alice she still does a lot of damage :woman_shrugging:t3:

Wish I had Alice… hope the war wheel is good to me.

Do you struggle to keep your amber alive until she can rush though?

I guess I just feel like she is very dependent on other characters to make her work now. Shields, buffers, debuffers, healers, revivers… Not to say you can’t make teams where she can work well

With Pete and co coming in she doesn’t have the same bite she used to…

At the end of the 6 star era she was more independently amazing. And with S Class toons I find they also have that quality. Just my perspective

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Do you have diego ? She works well behind him too. Amber stays alive for me 80% of the time against S class teams

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Yes but the time is shoort and i don’t have membresy
And i have 3 comics

Yes, he is very good with human shields and James class S