It is obvious at this point isnt it?

This has to be done on purpose, L can be for level a toon 10 levels or something but it is for player levels which takes an insane amount of cans even with both territories and sr events and the xp roadmap, leveling up every 2 days is stupid and to have it be double levels… Trollololol. I did the last one and just got to level 165. Anyways, nice trolling scopely. :clap:


Scopley say you play harder!

They don’t care. Never have, never will.

This just makes it abundantly clear to those like me that thought there might have been the smallest shred of decency at Scopely HQ.

They care about $ and that’s it. Who cares about the game experience, who cares about the forums, who cares about the Player Council and sadly who cares about the Community Managers.

@GR.Scopely tell me I’m wrong.


GR is MIA he wont be back until early this year

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He’s a time traveller?

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He’s a time traveller!


Confirmed, next word hunt will be “Dolla, dolla bills y’all” 8 player levels. Wish I could take credit. Former faction mate told that.


Next word should just be “Trolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…” Be 100 levels and get it over with scopely, we all know they do this on purpose and really at this point, who gives a shit, scopely should just rip the bandaid off and go all out


He’s like the terminator. Scopely sends him back in time to destroy hopes and dreams! Screenshot_2019-12-24-17-01-01-1

Instead of “ill be back” its “ill take it to the team” . Ahahaha! Glad @GR.Scopely has a good sense of

Hey, problems continue to exist, I can keep making recaps. It’s just good business

Disclaimer: Satire.


How else does @Parker afford that f2p badge? Those things cost a lot.

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L stands for Loser because we have all lost the battle between Scopely.

Nothing has changed and nothing will change.


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