Issues with Pete this war

AP down mods have next to no affect on Pete despite him not having any ap down resist.
I’ve been seeing some glitchy stuff with him in war and it’s beyond frustrating.
Whenever another range toon is in his team, that toon seems to have the same issue.
It’s mainly between Pete and Zachary that I most commonly see suddenly become godlike and resistant to stuff like ap downs as well as randomly go from 1 to max ap off of one hit from a 6 STAR with no additional huge bonus on defense when attacked.

Anyone else encounter anything like this?


you know ap drain only have minior chance?
so around 10% to hit

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Yes I do know that. It was a simple question to see if others encountered it or it’s just something I think I’m seeing. It’s been a long week so bare with me.

Im seeing Pete everywhere from #1 to #150 faction.


Seen this issue many times, especially when encountering whales mods seems like they have no effect. their weapons impair or stun 4 or 5 most of the time like if they having a great chance . Their command work turn 1 and every turn most of the time I think it’s done deliberately u know people r paying huge amount of cash for such toons so they have to tweak them…

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War events always have plenty of glitches. Christa ignores taunt or confused to do her AR but will resume it after she does it. 100% heal reduction doesnt work properly. I have Pam and her getting attacked and stun works once in awhile but other toons with the same it works 3 or 4 out of 5 times.

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Her active has focus that she will always do turn 2 that lasts 2 turns my dude. And her heal reduction doesnt apply to the character she targets, it and the slow instead apply to 2 other enemies. As for the weapons thats complete RNGesus

Command always has a 100% chance of working and will be used if they can let off an AR, so I don’t really know what’s the issue you’re trying to point out.

I did have a Kapoor use his rush twice in one turn this war. But raulito does come with great chance to impair when attacking right out the box

I know what your saying but it doesnt work correctly. It will say 100% next to the toon and they still recover. When her focus isnt active it still works. That’s my issue. During raids it seems to work correctly but for war it’s not

Huh, I personally havent had issues but I doubt all of our games act the same. Its scopely after all

Fighting Pete is like extracting teeth. Game is so boring and slow against teams with him in there. Worst are the whales that have Pete and Repete. Bollocks.


Grab some videos of the glitches and I’ll be happy to send them on.

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