Issues with Gear Bundle from Shop, Offers section


Player Name: Otyga
Faction: Hilltop 2018
Region: Cullman (EN)
Device: Kindle Fire (5th Generation)
OS Version: Fire OS
Game Version: (289-26)
I can’t see the option of “Gear Bundle” in the Shop, Offers section. The game updated yesterday, but I haven’t been able of see this offer since you guys showed it for the very first time.
I clean cache and data thinking this may help me with this error but it didn’t do anything!
I still can’t see the offer! Under the Offers section I only see the “Collectibles” and “Road Bundle”. However, it seems the other sections of the shop work properly. Under Featured section I often see updates!
Hope you guys can help me to figure this out because I am needing this gear!!! LOL


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