Issues with blitz war

I have been having issues that are either glitches or something more sinister.

Several times I have JUST checked on the war status, and we will have 4 or 5 of six. I go into faction chat to ask a question, etc. and while typing the question I get the “your camp needs repairs” notification. When I go back to the war page I see that the other side has already wiped out my entire faction and the war is over.

Is there some serious lag going on or are there serious hacks ongoing where the other factions are capable of wiping out an entire faction in less than a minute-including search time and the “war about to start” countdown timer?

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It’s lag, often from toggling in and out of the game into other apps. I opened the game, opened the war map, started repairs on my camp, and then received the message that my camp had been destroyed, and then after that got the final results from the *previous* war.

Congrats on making it so far through the game without experiencing war lag

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Well, my old faction had gone relatively inactive so we almost never got enough people to start the wars. We just combined with another faction and now have been able to actually start the wars, so perhaps I didn’t notice it before.

It is strange that the war log in shows not filled even when there is actually a war ongoing. I’m not talking about just the notifications, I checked war status page and that was completely lagged apparently.

How are we supposed to compete in the war if it doesn’t allow you to even know that it is going?

If your new faction is active, they’re probably using a 3rd party chat app. Have them tag you in chat when matched with an opponent.

Not THAT active. It was a second faction that had gone cold. Together we have just enough actives to get events started, but nothing that organized. Besides, without the war board updating, I can’t even enter the war even if I know it is on. The game still thinks that I am in the waiting phase…

we have beat the rank 1 faction in our region before they have 0 losses and we beat them once and guess what…they have 2 losses maybe because the timer runs out…hahahaha

I’ve been experiencing latency issues myself. I wasn’t switching in or out nor the screen turn off at all.

I missed handful of battles at the start because it was still at the queing screen then jumps 5 to 10 mins into battle.

Also there were times when i was attempting to get ready during the scouting time phase and jumps 2 to 3 minutes in battle. So i missed my chance to get a tower from the start by a long shot.

Clear cache to see if the bug was a glitched file asset, but no changes.

Also my internet speed was 27.7 Mbps and no sign of any latency issues on other devices.

Also no apps running in the background to cause any lag and was using 4G LTE data to prevent any unexpected phone updating.

I get them literally hours or days after something has happened. I’m randomly told we won a war after the event ended and I got my rewards.

If you’ve entered a war (as spectator or participant) you will always see the result pop up, even if you don’t open the game until hours (or, I guess, even days or weeks) later. I presume it’s a feature but comes across as laggy

Nah i mean i’ll Have been playing for days and all of I sudden I get told we won or lost a random war. Not even the last one I took part in.

Occasionally I get told about onslaught too.

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