Issues with bide

Elle needs to be reworked please no damage done to Elle and bide is triggered



Bide can be unleashed at any time by defending.
Its hard to tell cause mackenzie is stunned, but diego takes his turn. Then donny goes on opponents side, elle takes her turn (bide) and kills diego. Then its back to donny and elle cause mazkenzie is stunned

That’s a tough video to see what’s going on… but yes… she is a hot mess. When I kill all five with AOE and she’s one, her bide triggers event though it’s not supposed to on death.

As @snichols said, bide can trigger before 2000 damage is stored. In fact, this video shows the AI is handling bide exactly as expected:

  • When controlled by the AI, the AI will trigger Bide manually (i.e. - via the Defend Action) if the stored Bide damage is enough to kill an enemy.

Elle can kill Diego with bide, and does so on her turn.


I’ve had bide go off when she was killed with an AR - it’s why I screen recorded to see if it would happen again.


I think they have patched that on a single shot. But she still sometimes triggers with like Shawn for instance. At least she does with me. They really didn’t think her through. Shes almost impenetrable if you don’t get her early.

If she’s last by herself and you used up your Ars, you insta lose.

Lmao how are you :slight_smile: long time no talk

She’s still broke. Killed by Shawn or Ambers AR and she still triggers bide on killshot. Every time :confused:
@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely

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It’s not supposed to trigger if killed with an AR out right - which is why I screen recorded - I will say I wasn’t aware the AI would trigger bide if enough energy was prestored to kill a toon out right so that was new information I’m glad to have

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If she’s pain split and the attack hits both her and the toon that’s she’s pain split with, bide can trigger. It’s a weird mechanic that needs a better visual, but it’s the way pain split is calculated that makes bide go off sometimes on a killing blow.


Yup agreed. Although I noticed if I chip her away turn one, then sometimes she doesn’t. Very peculiar toon.

If might have something to do with multi hit attacks like Charlie, Shawn and amber. She’s def still bugged. They need to take her back to the drawing board.

Hmmm that might be it. Never thought it was from pain split. But still, a diego rush, Alice charge and amber should be able to clear the pain split. So that needs clarification.

I knew that Michones double attack triggered bide if the first hit didn’t kill Elle :sweat_smile: that was learned the fun way …

But that wasn’t the instance that prompted me to record the Elle battle - that was an Amber who dropped Elle and two other toons only to be dropped in return with bide

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I mean he hits two toons. That’s when I notice the problem.

Yes. I agree. The double ones especially. Need to find my self a nice big green hitter.

Don’t even mind the bide. It’s more the pain split. Especially on a negan. You just twiddle ur thumbs.

This should be fixed the toon is not consistent sometimes trigger and sometimes not had it happen to me many times even when pain split wasn’t even there !!
Also it Bide doesn’t work as the description ! if it says bide shouldn’t trigger when killed it shouldn’t I already gave videos to JB about this and i hope it gets fixed cuz otherwise it’s kinda ridiculous


She’s pretty much payback at this point :joy:

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