Issues with arena

My arenas just changed from classic to old school? Anyone else?

same here and that sucks i’m in domination mode but another player in endurance mode and they got more points than me. and now i cant compete with them because thats impossible to beat someone with 1 mil score, FCK scopelye

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@Oci32215 - Yes the answer to your questions lies on this thread Arena Issue [11/18]

Hello Survivors,
There was recently an issue with Arenas where some players were able to earn points under > “Classic” Endurance mode while other players were earning points under “Old School” Domination mode. This caused players in “Classic” Endurance mode to pull ahead in points without the ability for the players with Old School Domination mode to catch up.

We believe that the best solution for this issue is to change all players to “Old School”, which was the intended Arena, and adjust it from Domination mode to Endurance mode. This will allow players who were behind on points to potentially catch up to the other group of players. For this inconvenience, we will be sending all players 1 Red Quill and 3 Arena tickets.
Please allow up to 48 hours for these items to be delivered to your inbox.

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