Issue with getting 5* Tokens as Top Rewards

Before 6*’s were around 5* toons were the best toons to get. When you got 5* tokens you knew there was a 99% chance you were gonna get a usable character. Now we have 6* toons and when we pull 5* toons we have a 99% chance of getting a toon we will not use. Something needs to change. Maybe get a new wheel with just ascendable characters in it. So we know when we pull we are gonna get a 6* out of it. These tokens just aren’t something anyone looks forward to anymore. So giving them as top rewards just doesn’t make people really want to go hard for them. @kalishane is something in the works to fix this issue?


Hi Rackalicious!

I hear you – and I appreciate you reaching out. I know why it’s not exciting for sure.

I promise we’re working on offering characters more – we’re getting closer every day but it has definitely felt like forever.

I will continue to raise your sentiments each day. I swear.


Do you reckon 5* tokens will be the main prize this weekend?

I’m excited to see the new update you talked about for the end of the month! Hope we see some changes we talked in the forums!
Keep the good work :call_me_hand:

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I get for War you’ve talked about offering characters for the top prizes but what about the prizes for other events or for the lower factions. Do they only get to look forward to 5* tokens? Just wondering if in the future you’re going to be making a 6* token or something with just 6*’s.

I reckon :,(

But! Working on the upcoming CRW. Like I said – we’re getting closer.

I was told that we were looking at having them for CRW and not regular War since it’s the bigger event – which makes sense. But – I know the pain of tokens. So, I understand.

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That’s good I mean we’ve only been complaining a minimum of 3 months about 5* tokens as rewards, are we at least going to see large quantities not, 12 k for first


10 char

What really needs to happen is a new wheel with all the f2p 5 star ascendable toons in it and only them. We need 6 star tokens and these need to become the new prizes for competing. It’s quite simple because in all honesty all the 5 stars are right now is fodder. They can’t be used for war or raiding. A small number of them still have use for sr and fa but that’s it. It’s really not worth the effort. We need to keep our faction mates involved. Right now my entire faction is bored with the game and that’s dissapointing. You have a wonderful game that is being bogged down with so many easily fixable problems. Yes there is quite a bit of hate here but I think most of us want nothing but for the game to continue to be successful. We just need Scopely to want that too.

Have a great day!


10 char? What’s that?

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20k 5* tokens, legendary gear bags x6 bags and legendary gps/canteen x4 bags. Then work down from there.

Make milestones ultra rare gear and epic gear. Get rid of the elite gear as milestone rewards. Throw in a lilith/uselessies bag or 5 in milestones too thanks.

And a free pizza coupon.

While CRW is bigger and badder, that means only 1 team between the 3-7 regions fighting in that war will win the ascenable prize. I’m only assuming 1st place gets the award…?